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We'll bring the booze! | Jonathan Bray and Cindy Bray | Proud Canadian/Aussies | Producers of the Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar | Importers of premium whisky and wine | Giving Back through local and international charities.

"We'll bring the booze!"

 Cindy & Jonathan having too much fun in Cuba

Cindy & Jonathan having too much fun in Cuba

Jonathan Bray – President of Secret Spirits Ltd and blogger

Born & Raised: Adelaide, Australia

Jonathan has been working in the alcohol industry since 1995 firstly as a consultant with
an investment firm specializing in using wine as their investment vehicle of choice. This
gave Jonathan an excellent grounding into the greater world of wine beyond the
Australian market. 

After moving to Canada Jonathan joined a fledgling import company as a sales representative in 2002 and subsequently with 2 other partners took ownership of the company in 2005. As President, Jonathan was the driving force behind expanding a largely wine based portfolio into the whisky category.

Championing independent bottling Jonathan quickly developed an excellent industry reputation for knowledge and skill as a whisky presenter and marketer in not only Western Canada but also the US. 

Utilizing this industry background Jonathan was able to source new long term Scottish independent bottling partners to complement those within the Secret Spirits Portfolio.

Jonathan’s knowledge of Whisky styles and flavor profiles enabled him to very specifically choose 25 whiskies that would take consumers on a journey of discovery through all the Scottish whisky regions in the first edition of the Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar launched in 2014. Now in it's 4th year, the Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar continues to educate whisky-lovers wordwide.

With the launch of the Rum's Revenge in 2016, Jonathan has branched out sourcing 12 rums from all over the globe and is often seen as Captain Flintlock Bray in his Pirate costume on TV or at trade shows.

Combining his long list of retail relationships in Western Canada with a decade of industry knowledge and experience Jonathan is perfectly placed to lead Secret Spirits to capture this new market. 

Personally, Jonathan loves playing cricket, sipping awesome drams with friends and playing really bad golf.


Cindy Bray – Partner of Secret Spirits Ltd

Born & Raised: Ontario, Canada

Cindy has been working in the industry since 2005 and has specialized in Social Media and marketing doing most of the graphic design, websites, social media and promotional work over the past 9 years for various companies.

She handles the difficult task of coordinating the logistics and production schedule for the Scotch Whisky Advent Calendars and the Rum's Revenge along with sourcing production partners and dealing with quality control. She also completely developed the Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar and Rum's Revenge design and artwork.

Cindy is excited about creating new projects and has a passion and eye for great design. With Cindy at the helm of the Secret Spirits creative department all future projects are sure to be as well received as the 1st edition Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar.

Personally, Cindy loves the outdoors, convincing her hens to lay more eggs and 'formal' afternoon tea with her girlfriends. 

Cindy and Jonathan have been married for more than 27 years. They currently live with a dog, a cat and 4 chickens.



Nothing excites them more than creating a life and business they love.