Fukano Japanese Whisky


Fukano Limited Edition Japanese Whisky


Fukano Whisky 2018 Edition is a limited edition of 5,055 bottles. It is made up of 8 used European oak casks and 3 refill sherry casks. This vatting of casks was put together to showcase how diverse and creamy the Fukano Whisky can be, and is a combination of malted and un-malted rice distilled in a pot still. The weight of this whisky covers the palate with a silky texture expressing creme brûlée and butterscotch. The finish is a unique combination of vanilla and umami that lasts long after your final sip.

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Ohishi Brandy Cask 2017.jpeg

Ohishi Brandy Cask

This is Ohishi’s Brandy Cask whisky, fully matured then finished for 8 months in a former Islay Scotch cask. This combination presents an immediately curious combination of aromas and flavors. The nose is immediately smoky, but also sweet, with a barbecue sauce kick and notes of slightly muddy river vegetation. The palate is a different animal, offering a meaty character up-front followed by notes of raisins and plum wine. The smoke becomes more evident as the finish develops, which brings a lighter hand of peat to bear on the fruitier elements of the palate. A little weird, but quite a fun little spirit.

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Ohishi Sherry Cask


This is a single cask release from a first-fill sherry butt, a brilliant copper in color and a dramatic departure from the light gold of the Brandy Cask release. Nutty and a bit chocolatey on the nose, it offers a big oloroso sherry aroma — lighter on the citrus and heavier on the baking spice. The body pushes forward with the motif, striking the palate immediately with notes of spiced and roasted nuts, coffee, and dates. After a time, it moves on as the finish develops, showing a somewhat more exotic, eastern characters of incense and spice bazaars. All told, it’s really engaging stuff that takes what we’ve come to expect from a heavily sherried profile and totally makes it its own. 86.6 proof. 506 bottles made.

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Ohishi Tokubetsu Reserve w Box.jpeg

Ohishi Tokubetsu Reserve


From the Kumamoto Prefecture on the island of Kyushu in Japan, the Ohishi Sherry Cask is a whisky distilled from rice and aged in first and second-fill sherry casks. The Ohishi Distillery uses at least 30% gohyakumanishi rice grown on its own fields, rounded out with mochi rice Kumamoto. This special release is comprised of nearly equal parts 27 year-old (29%), 10 year-old (35%), and 7 year-old (36%) Ohishi sherry casks.

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