Secret Spirits



Thank you everyone for your kind words and awesome suggestions. We appreciate your support! - Cindy & Jonathan

Loved it. Would love to hear about the 2016 calendar as soon as you know release dates and location. Best gift I have ever received, and that is coming from someone who generally does not like receiving gifts! - Drew

Very enjoyable. I would buy at least a third of the bottles included. - Shaun

I've been a Scotch whisky fan for ages. This was my first year with the Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar and I was very impressed. I was initially apprehensive given the cost, and a little guilt ridden after purchasing. I must say though, now that I'm at the other end, it was worth every single penny! Tasting and following along with the blog was a nightly ritual that I looked forward to very much. Without the blog, I wouldn't have found the Samaroli glass until day 25 either. All-in-all, this was just a wonderful, wonderful experience. I'm already looking forward to next year's calendar. I'm hooked! Thank you very much for all the effort that you put into this! - Chris

Excellent idea. Keep up the great work ! - Jon

I live in Saskatoon, SK and I received this as a gift from my kids. Gotta love your children when they "get the old man!". Interesting journey. I have not been a fan of peaty malts in the past, but this opened up my versatility. Some delightful ones, as well as some that confirmed some of my earlier impressions. Many of my buddies were quite jealous of this upgrade over the traditional advent calendar filled with chocolate. - Gordon

I really enjoyed getting to experience the different whiskies in this year's calendar! (All my tasting notes are at Suggestions for next year: a greater variety of wood finishes and more representation of the different regions. Thank you for a great whisky calendar, it was my first and an amazing experience! - Matt

I received this years calendar as a gift on Dec. 1st. What a wonderful surprise. The anticipation of each days tasting delight was a great lead-in to Christmas. - Anthony

Amazing. Can't wait for next year! - Mike

This was a great Pre-Christmas gift from my wife. We had a lot of fun with the calendar and I think I became closer to Jesus. I hope you both have the Happiest New Year. - Dennis

A great selection - thanks for all your efforts to put this together! - Daniel

Another great calendar...lots of fun leading up to Christmas. - Paul

I am a sometimes scotch drinker, as I usually drink Irish whisky, but the calendar was a gift from my daughter. I enjoyed the 3 above and hope she repeats the gift in 2016. - James

The calendar excellent, it was great to try some whisky's that are rare or even one of a kind, they were all very good, not easy to pick the top three. - Kerry