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Noteworthy Gin


Western Dry Gin


Our award winning Noteworthy Gin is our initial signature release which is a hand-crafted, small batch gin made from 100% British Columbian grown barley, carefully fermented in stainless steel and then transferred to our German copper pot still. After three precision distillations – two to clean the spirit and one to infuse our botanicals, it is then both hand bottled and labeled allowing constant monitoring of the quality control process.

Ceres, the Roman Goddess of agriculture and grain crops, inspired this exquisite gin recipe. Our careful, meticulous process contributes to the smoothness of this refreshing and carefully balanced gin making it ideal for cocktails, the classic G&T or your favorite martini. It’s an incredibly balanced and refreshing gin.

Everything about Noteworthy, from the premium packaging to the raw ingredients is about quality and craftsmanship.  Our attention to detail and passion for high quality spirits is in every bottle.

This is not just gin. This gin is Noteworthy.


Noteworthy Navy Strength


Set sail with our traditional Navy Strength gin, highlighting the bright botanicals found in our signature New Western Dry.

For those that crave adventure and exploration. Our Navy Strength gin brings to life traditional spice notes in a tapestry of flavour.

Be bold. Be Noteworthy.

Barrel Rested Gin-award_edited.jpg

Noteworthy Barrel Rested Gin - LIMITED QUANTITY 


Our Barrel Rested gin is our signature New Western Dry that has been aged in select oak barrels for more than a year. Each barrel release develops unique complexity and depth through maturation. It entices you to contest convention and explore new sensory sophistication.

Release 001 has been aged in a previously used Canadian Whisky spirit barrel for one year and ten months. It is a complex spirit with signature Noteworthy aromas and flavours complimented with lemon zest, carnations and Christmas spice.

Be adventurous. Be Noteworthy.

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