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The Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar 5th Edition (2018)

Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar.jpg

We're not like the others. we hand pick the barrels of whisky in scotland ourselves.
The majority of the scotch whiskies in this calendar have never been seen before and will not be seen again.

They are single-barrel bottlings exclusive to our calendar and you. 

Give yourself the gift of a rare selection of 25 whiskies hand-picked to give you the experience of how unique and complex whisky can be.

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The Rum’s Revenge Treasure Chest

Rum's Revenge.jpg

Ahoy matey! Rum's Revenge is a rum running pirate ship
owned by the Secret Spirit trading company

the booty is in the treasure chest.
*12 rums from exotic distant lands *a treasure map to help ye on yer journey *a skull glass to drink what you've plundered
*a hidden treasure to help yer voyage *a piece of eight lapel pin.

Rare treasure indeed!
Beware ye scallywags!
Thar be a limited supply on offer. 
See ye on the high seas!

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Spirit Curiosities

Master Class Collectors Whisky Kit with Medallions $59

Master Class Collectors Whisky Kit with Medallions $59


Everything you need to save your whisky samples at a master class festival event. Enjoy a sip or two during the class, bottle up the rest so your and your friends can savor them in the comfort of your own home ... like a true connoisseur! 

You can use these kits again and again. Record the whiskies in the ledger book. Tear out the page and store with your whisky samples until they are all gone. Save the ledger sheet for future notes and keep an inventory of all the whiskies you've tasted.


  • Gift Box with Sleeve
  • 12 Pharmaceutical Grade Clear Bottles
  • 6 Numbered Brass Medallions
  • 6 Numbered Copper Medallions
  • 12 Black Phenolic caps with Liners
  • Ledger to record your samples
  • Nickel Clad Self Vending Funnel
  • Pencil
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