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Welcome to the Secret Spirits Circle

Secret Spirits has found a kindred passion for exceptional spirits in the amazing team at Market Wine Merchants and with their help have been able to create this exclusive member only opportunity.

The Secret Spirits Circle will provide ongoing discounts, exclusive limited quantity spirits, Circle only offers, first options on any Secret Spirits releases and threshold gifts.

Access to the Secret Spirits Circle starts with only a $100 purchase through the online portal. Your unique membership number will be issued and the progress to the first threshold level will commence.

Once you've joined, you will receive your membership pack and access to the Members only website ... coming soon:

  • Welcome Letter

  • Membership Number

  • Members only Secret Spirits Circle lapel pin

  • Details of the "10 levels" of membership

  • A special one-off discount voucher for purchase of the Rum's Revenge Treasure Chest

  • Info on the Secret Spirits Tour of Scotland each year. Open only to Circle members

  • Secret Spirits Circle only Events and Masterclasses

  • Secret Spirits brochure

  • Shipping across Canada right to your door.


*Secret Spirits Circle USA coming soon!*

Threshold Gifts



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