We Believe

We believe in mystery and discovery and delight.

We believe you should be able to Choose Your Own Adventure.

We believe in traveling to Scotland every year to hand pick the finest barrels of whisky.

We believe YOU should experience the most interesting whiskies in the world.

We believe in rescuing rare casks before the whisky gets blended away.

We believe in independently bottling the finest spirits you will ever experience.

We believe in giving you an experience of DISCOVERY.

We believe in bottling whisky at straight-from-the-barrel, cask strength purity.

We believe our Scotch Whisky Advent Calendars make the perfect Christmas gift.

We believe our Scotch Whisky Calendars are the ultimate gift for any special occasion.

We believe every taste of whisky should transport you to where it was made.

We believe in giving you five years-worth of whisky tasting experience in every box.

We believe in offering whiskies you have never seen before and never will again.

We believe in gifts that take you on a journey.

We believe in 50ml bottles so the journey can be shared.

We believe some reprobates will want to keep it all to themselves.

We believe in gifts for the “impossible to buy for”.

We believe in transforming YOU into the Gift-Giver Of The YEAR.

We believe WE know why all the rum is gone!

We believe real men wear KILTS.

We believe the best adventures are full of surprises, and the best journeys are full of delight.

Our Story

I’m an Australian who married a Canadian girl named Cindy. Together, we’ve created the

most exciting whisky products found anywhere.


I’ve worked in the alcohol industry since 1995 as a consultant-turned-sales representative for an import company I later came to own. I expanded its largely wine-based portfolio into the whisky category.

I’ve always championed independent bottling.


Over the years, I developed a reputation for my knowledge and skill as a whisky presenter, Keeper of the Quaich and marketer in Canada and the U.S.

Cindy is the creative behind all of our packaging, websites and Social Media. She is an artsy soul who loves playing with various graphic programs and has had her graphic art published in various graphic design magazines.

The Advent of the Calendar

The Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar was born in 2014 when I traveled to Scotland and found 25 entirely unique whiskies that would take whoever tasted them on a journey of discovery through all the Scottish whisky regions.

Cindy singlehandedly designed the incredible packaging and artwork that perfectly reflected the sense of mystery, discovery and delight that was our goal to deliver.

Now we travel to Scotland early every year to hand pick the finest and rarest single casks of whisky we can find before producers snatch them up to blend them away.

The Revenge of Rum

Next, we created the Rum's Revenge (a literal treasure chest) with 12 rums we sourced from all over the globe hidden beneath a secret map within the chest.

Coming Soon ...

Our Easy Whiskey Prohibition Box of North American Whiskey is up next...