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The Journey has begun.


Magnificent Bastards across the world are drinking rare single-cask and limited edition Scotch whiskies along with Daniel through December 25th.


It's not too late to grab a calendar!

What people are saying ...

“ I would REEEALLLLY like to preorder a 5th edition advent calendar. Like REEEALLLY bad. REEEALLLY bad.”


“This Magnificent Bastard would love to purchase a 5th Edition Calendar! ” - DANIEL

“I would like two of the 5th Edition Scotch Whisky Advent Calendars, one for me and, one for my brother” -TOM

“I would love to pre-order this for myself and my dad even though I realize that the numbers are limited. I am a subscriber to the Whiskey Tribe and also to the Whiskey Vault and love the hell out of those magnificent bastards Rex and Daniel. Earlier this year our family had a scare with my Dad who had an abdominal aneurysm and almost died. He has been recovering since the beginning of July and by December will be able to indulge in alcohol in small parts and I believe this will make a good gift and remembrance between us. If we can only order one that would be fine so we can drink it together but if two can be obtained we will keep one as a keep sake for the hell year that he has survived. ” - PAUL

“I would like to request purchase of this year’s 5th edition of your advent calendar. I wish I had known about your business much earlier. Please let me know how and when to submit payment to receive said calendar in time for December. Thank you very much for your dedication to a fine spirit. Take Care.”


“I would love to pre-order your 5th Edition Calendar. As for further details, I might be a magnificent greedy bastard, I might not. Think I’ll make that decision on the 1st of December.” - DENNON

“I would like to get the NEW 5th Edition Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar so that I can drink along with the guys to bring in the Christmas season! I have been on a personal mission to discover and appreciate more whiskeys over the last year, and discovering these guys has been a godsend! I have learned so much about whiskey, and would love to go on this journey with them and all the other magnificent bastards!” - DAVID

“Hi, I’d like 2 sets of the 5th edition whiskey advent calendar shipped to Singapore. Just let me know the shipping cost and I’m also aware that I’ll need to pay the taxes on my side. thanks!” - HANQING

“ I found the whiskey vault videos earlier this year and my quest into tasting has been a huge enrichment into my life. I am interested in pre-ordering the fifth edition. Super excited to jump head first into the complete world of scotch with this great set.” - CODY

“I’ve been looking for a way to try new whiskys to add to my collection and since I have not yet found a place here in wonderful Phoenix, Arizona to sample different whiskys I’ve been force to go to the web. After seeing the episode, I think this is right up my alley. I would like to order the 5th Edition Advent Calendar for my father and I to hopefully try and start a new tradition this year.” - LUCAS

“Relatively new to scotch (within the last year), but have been enjoying it with a passion. Very, very interested in learning about the variety of offerings you have in this year’s Advent Calendar.” - DANIEL

“I just heard the wonderful news from the last whiskey vault episode and am so excited to hear about this advent calendar. I’d love to preorder this year’s advent calendar and happy to supply whatever details you need...praying to the whiskey gods you ship to NY.” - TYLER

“Thank you for this magnificence deal!”


“ I would like to Pre-order the 5th Edition Advent Calendar!! I’m so excited about this, and being able to walk along with The show is great! I believe Arkansas just started allowing the Shipment of Spirits, if not please let me know and I will sadly tune in to the whiskey vault and cry as Rex and Daniel review what I’m missing. Thanks for putting all this together and just being great people! ”


“We lost our youngest son, Michael, unexpectedly in his sleep, early New Year’s Day morning, this past January 1st. He was 31.
I have two remaining son’s, Nicolas (35) and Gregory (33). I also have a son-in-law, Joel (34) and one that I believe will be a future son-in-law, Cole, (22). (I also.three daughters and one daughter-in-law.)
In honor of their brother/brother-in-law, the boys and my husband bought the best whisky they could find and sent Michael off in fine style!

I’d like to provide my men with a way to honor Michael, particularly this first year, in the same style.” - HEIDI

“ I would like to pre-order the 5th Edition Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar. Thank you very much!!!!! I am so excited that you are doing this and at such a supreme level of quality!” - CHRISTINE

“A Magnificent Christmas to one and all of you marry bastards out there.” - RIKARD

“Hey, I’m a tribe member and I would love to snag the newest advent calendar. ”


“I hope you can ship to Indiana but if not I’ll let you throw it over here, or roll it, Washington is at a higher elevation right?”