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Premium Whisky Set

Ultra Premium Whisky Set

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This premium whisky tasting set includes six sample drams, each 50ml. That’s a large double measure.


* You are guaranteed to get a 20+ year old in this pack.

Undisclosed Distillery Highland 18yo - Ainneamh AINNEAMH HIGHLAND 18YO

Speyside 18yo - Ainneamh AINNEAMH SPEYSIDE 18 YO

18yo Speyside - Secret Spirits SPEYSIDE

Douglas Laing, Arran 21yo

1993 "Samaroli Spey" 21yo - Samaroli SAMAROLI SPEY
Wemyss Malts, Gardener's Biscuit Break, Linkwood 18yo

1991 Invergordon 24yo - A.D.Rattray INVERGORDON 24YO

1995 Miltonduff 20yo - Samaroli MILTONDUFF

A.D. Rattray, Glen Spey 21yo

1997 Strathisla 18yo - Samaroli STRATHISLA 18YO

1993 Glenrothes 21yo "Kumquat Cluster" - Wemyss KUMQUAT CLUSTER

1996 Benriach 19yo - Samaroli BENRIACH 19YO

Stronachie 18yo - A.D.Rattray STRONACHIE 18YO

1994 Tobermory 21yo - Malt Whisky Company TOBERMORY 21YO

1993 Auchroisk 22yo - A.D.Rattray AUCHRIOSK 22YO

Tamdhu 18yo - Old Malt Cask THAMDU 18YO

Glen Keith 20yo - Old Malt Cask GLEN KEITH 20YO

1995 Samaroli Spey 20yo - Samaroli SAMAROLI SPEYSIDE '95

Peaty Blended Malt 20 year old - Samaroli

This ultra premium whisky tasting set includes five sample drams, each 50ml. That’s a large double measure.


*You are guaranteed one 30+ year old whisky with this Ultra set.

1980 "The Samaroli" 33yo - Samaroli

1984 Linkwood 30yo - Samaroli

1980 Blended Scotch 34yo - Samaroli

1987 Invergordon 30yo - Samaroli

Glen Grant 30yo - A.D. Rattray

1988 Bunnahabhain 30yo "Luxury Damson Jam" - Wemyss Malts

All these samples of Scotch whisky have been carefully curated by Keeper of the Quaich Jonathan Bray from Secret Spirits.

They feature some of the best independent whisky bottlers around, and include many limited releases and single casks.


You’ll get a chance to try different cask maturation techniques, and a range of age statements.

Spoiler Alert!


The sample sets are a bit like those collectable football sticker sets you may have enjoyed as a kid. They’re a surprise. A mystery pack. Five to six gloriously unknown, premium, whiskies. The featured photos are illustrative of the kinds of drams you may receive. If you want to get further ideas of the kind of drams you may get to enjoy, go HERE

Rum Tasting Sets
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Discover the wild and colourful history of rum. Try a selection of the diverse rums in this premium rum tasting set from Secret Spirits. 

The story of rum is a story of corruption, debauchery and piracy. The flavours in this tasting set are just as rich, varied and exciting.

You’ll get to try a random selection of six of these fabulous rums:

- Jamaican Rhapsody Rum 

- Central American Rum

- Knock On Wood Amber Rum

- French Overseas Rum

- Trinidad Rum

- British West Indies Rum

- Demerara Vertical Rum

- Fiji Rum

- Caroni Rum

- Belize Rum

- Six Saints Rum 

Your rum tasting set will have a mix of six 50ml samples of these epic rums. That’s six double measures about half a bottle of rum in total.


These are samples of some of the best rum on the planet. Some of these rums, like the Jamaican Rhapsody Rum or the Demerara Vertical Rum, can cost over £100 for a bottle. 

Secret Spirits Rum Sample Set   

The perfect gift for someone who loves rum. Or someone who wants to love rum. 

These rums are all made by independent bottlers. They come from various spots throughout the Caribbean. Each rum has a distinct terroir and distillation style. 

The ages and flavours vary far more than rum newbies would ever suspect. What they have in common is that they’re all rare, limited to a few hundred bottles each. If you’re new to the world of premium rum prepare to have your preconceptions shattered. 

If you’re already a rum aficionado, these rums will still blow your mind. You can't lose with this incredible rum tasting set.



These delicious rum tasting bottles come from our wildly popular Rum's Revenge treasure chest.

Experience the ultimate Pirate Adventure and try all twelve rums!

Check it out HERE


All our whisky and rum minis are a generous 50ml. Plenty to sit and enjoy over an evening or, if you’re feeling generous, to share with some lucky soul.